We are a group of synchronized swimmers in the DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia area. Part of our artistic swimming team lives and practices in Richmond, Virginia. Swimmers range in age from their 20s to 70s, some of them have been swimming since they were young while others discovered the sport as adults.

We are a self-coached, competitive team that practices twice a week to choreograph and perform synchronized swimming routines. We compete at national and international meets. Our team consistently takes home gold medals at these competitions and most recently won the high point award at the U.S. Masters Championship. We have competed at the U.S. Masters Championship, USA Masters Games, and FINA World Masters Championships.

We perform at shows including hotel pool openings and at private events. We have been featured in music videos and have collaborated with photographers and visual artists.

About Artistic Swimming

Artistic swimming has a long history. Read about the basics of the sport here and learn more about the details of its history here

DC Synchromasters member Vicki Valosik published a history of artistic swimming in June 2024 with Liveright Publishing. Purchase a copy to learn more about the history of artistic swimming!